Contactless AI-powered system
to measure human heart rate variability
& reveal internal human states
using computer vision technologies

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Pulsologic - the superior human heart rate variability (HRV) robust detection solution for remote on-line and off-line applications.

Pulsology obtains a person’s:

  • Pulse;
  • RR-intervals;
  • Heart rate;
  • Breathing rate;
  • Stress level;
  • Productivity index;
  • Brain activity index.

Pulsology can reveal a person’s:

  • Blood pressure;
  • Oxygen saturation;
  • Activation/Relaxation level;
  • Hidden inner feelings (levels of positive/negative emotions).


Existing technologies and known non-contact methods, like face detection and recognition applications, cannot reveal internal human emotions from neutral faces.

For security workers at border control (e.g. interrogation rooms) and police, it is crucial to swiftly identify dangerous subjects trying to perform unlawful actions.

Regardless of all current training for the interrogators, it is extremely hard to pinpoint what the interrogated subject thinks of. And in view of the interrogated person’s neutral face, it’s not clear to the interrogator, what this person actually feels at any given moment. This technology allows you to shed light on the feelings of the interrogated, even if he/she does not show absolutely any external emotions.


Pulsologic - the superior technology for robust human heart rate variability (HRV) contactless detection applicable to many remote on-line and off-line applications.


  • Fast & contactless;
  • Performs the most precise contactless HRV measurements using regular web- and other specialized cameras;
  • Reveals the real current internal state of a human.

Pulsologic can be used for:

  • Contactless remote HRV and stress tracking;
  • Person’s functional and emotional states detection;
  • Person identification & Authentication via remote detection of vital signs presence.

How it works

All results are in good accordance with clinical measurements

step 1

user is captured by video- or web-camera (got instantly)

step 2

pulse is are retrieved and got in 10-15 sec

step 3

Respiration detection (retrieved in 30+ sec)

step 4

stress index and brain activity calculation (obtained in 5+ min)

step 5

provided feedback about measured biometrics in 10+ min

Pulsologic applications

Distant heart rate and stress monitoring

Biological effects are persistent to distances. For example, conference cameras work up to 35 meters.

Personnel state monitoring

The technology allows creating products for contactless remote personnel (machinists, drivers, pilots, operators) awareness and mental activity monitoring.

Productivity tracking

Tracking of productivity and brain activity index of mental workers via regular web-cameras.

Non-contact pulse measurement in hospitals units

Wide range of telemedicine applications involving web-cameras from regular devices (smartphones, laptops, etc).

Delinquency predictive monitoring and early detection

The non-contact remote detection of high heart rate and anxiousness level of people walking around that might commit offenses in near future.

Legal proceedings advancement

The effectiveness of the passport and customs inspections and security activities can be significantly enhanced using Pulsologic.